How Do I Use CBD Oil?

Note: Due to FDA regulations, we cannot make any health claims and can only recommend CBD for general wellness. 

CBD, which is extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant, is starting to be found in a wide variety of products. How do you know what products are effective, and which ones are just hype? One tried and true product is Hemp CBD Tincture. Some people refer to it as simply CBD Oil.


Hemp CBD Tinctures, or CBD Oil, is commonly thought of as a safe and effective method to use CBD. You are able to measure either by the individual drop or by a measured level in a dropper. The oil normally comes in a glass container with a measuring dropper. The oil can range in color from very light to golden to dark green. The color can vary depending on a variety of factors. Among these are filtration and how much extraneous plant matter was used in the processing. The tincture may also have additives such as sugar or flavorings, which may affect the appearance.

How do I Take CBD Oil?

The oil is placed via sublingual administration, or more commonly known as "under the tongue." The oil is held under the tongue for at least 30 seconds, up to two minutes, or until it dissolves. This method allows more rapid assimilation of CBD than simply swallowing the oil, eating a gummy, or taking a pill. It bypasses the liver and is absorbed more rapidly and completely in the bloodstream.

How Much Should I Take?

We recommend that most people start with a lower dose and work upwards. A good starting point is 10mg, or about 1/3 of a dropper of our Euthymic 1000mg Everyday Tincture. Dosing can be safely increased as needed. A common dose for those who are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms is 30mg, or approximately 1 full dropper of our 1000mg formula. Some people take more with no ill effects. We recommend taking a CBD tincture twice daily, up to three times daily.

Why is the dosing on CBD Oil so Confusing?

A variety of strengths of product are on the market. Lower concentrations, for example, under 200mg for a 1 oz. bottle, have a lot of carrier oil in them. What this means is that the CBD extract is mixed with another oil to dilute it. The other oils can be hemp seed, coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, or others. 

 How Long Before Tinctures Take Effect?

Tinctures typically take 15-30 minutes to work if they are allowed to dissolve completely under the tongue. However, users have reported that it takes 1-2 weeks before full effectiveness. The exact mechanism of how CBD works is not known, so changes in the body's pain signaling and improvements to inflammation may take time.

What Should I Expect the Effects of CBD Oil to Be?

Pain relief from CBD is more described as the "lessening of symptoms" or the "absence of symptoms" rather than a blunting of it as an opiate. Many users report being able to do movements that were difficult. Some people report increases in range of motion.

It does not cause a "high" or major changes in perception. People often report decreases in anxiety, or feeling as if their "flight-or-fight" response is blunted. And though it does not typically cause a large amount of drowsiness, those who use CBD say that sleep is better.

What are the Cons of Using Tinctures vs. Other Methods of Delivery?

One disadvantage of using a tincture is that it can be spilled. Many of us who are clumsy find with dismay that an entire bottle can be knocked over with slight carelessness.

Those who are elderly or who have poor vision, perception, or problematic hands may want to consider the issues that may be experienced using a tincture. If consistent dosing is important, getting an exact amount may be difficult for someone who cannot see well, or for someone who has difficulty moving their hands or keeping them steady. For some, taking a gel cap or edible may be a better solution despite being less bio-available and slower to take effect.

Those who have severe episodes of anxiety or panic attacks may find that the tinctures may not work fast enough for immediate relief. Vaping or smoking either flower or cbd concentrate may work best in these situations. However, the effects of taking it in this manner are often shorter-lived, so dosing may need to occur several times per day.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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